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Other Cool HT Owner's Sites:

Home Theater Forum, Another excellent, active forum full of good info.  Includes a beginners area.
Sign the guest book or contact me.
Projector Central, prices, reviews, top 10 lists for digital projectors plus good reference articles.
Amateur Home Theater, Lots of good tech info and links.
eCoustics, Hi-fi and home theater portal.
Home Theater Talk, Excellent forum.  Good, friendly advice.  Strong sense of community.

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Links to Useful HT Sites
Reference Links
Audio Review, lots of user reviews of equipment plus reference articles.
Widescreen Review, On-line edition of the magazine, good DVD and HD reviews that focus on picture and sound quality. 
Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity,  HT oriented DVD and equipment reviews.
Home Theater Spot, Forum, many manufacturer focused forums.  Friendly atmosphere.
thxavery's Home Theater (uses VPL-CS1 proj.)
AV Forums,  Active UK based forum, lots of good threads on low priced projectors and HTPC.
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Barnett's Home Theater
Home Theater Focus,  useful articles a forum and HT dictionary.
Wired@Home, Clearing house for links to home theater and home entertainment sites.
The Big Picture DVD, HT oriented DVD reviews plus some good forums with front projection manufacturer specific areas.
My Favorite Acoustics Links, I have a bunch of links to sites with information on acoustics and acoustic treatment of HT rooms.
Sound Reproduction.com, The high end audio resource.  Good articles and forums plus links and free classifieds.  Nice.
CRT Projectors UK,  A dealer site, but packed with CRT goodness, including distance calcs, FAQ's and specs.
Home Theater Shack, Forum, lively forum with lots of DIY info.